2018 Clothing Orders

I have been asked to order some clothing, so this is a call for any other orders in order to make up a batch number that will reduce costs.

The system has changed from last year as I can no longer secure VAT free purchases. However, it is cheaper for me to order the goods on line, so I am having a go at that approach.

I will take the new DARTS catalogue up to the pavilion so you can peruse it there, or you can go online yourself at and look at the catalogue.

Jayne Taylor
Mobile: 07810892311

2017 Clothing Orders

Hopefully most of you will have spotted the new Darts catalogue on the shelf in the pavilion, fortunately a tad smaller this year !! I have had requests for some garments with club logos and would like to put in an order as soon as possible. If we submit an order for 6 items we get a reduction on the cost of the embroidery work, so I try to get orders of 6 or more each time I submit an order.

So if you need …. or just fancy …. a polo shirt (long or short sleeved), a fleece or gilet, a sweater, a waterproof jacket, etc etc, in white or indeed any other colour that they produce (you will need white for team matches, and some special events, but sometimes a colour is nice for other occasions) please have a look at the catalogue and/or get in touch with me. You can also have a look at the Darts website if you want to think about it in the comfort of your home !!

I will be at the club on Monday morning, 3 July, and from lunchtime on Tuesday, 4 July, if you need to discuss anything. It is also possible to have the logo put on to your own clothing if the material is suitable.

If you have requested anything already, and are patiently waiting, please e-mail or phone to remind me. I know that Barbara J and Paul T want items, but it is possible that others have asked me and I have not recorded the requests. Do pester me … is effective !!

Jayne Taylor
Mobile: 07810892311

2016 Clothing Orders

The new Darts catalogue is in the clubhouse. As in previous years, if you
would like any items from the catalogue, please contact the Clothing Organiser by e-mail.

If a combined order is placed for at least six items, Chester Croquet Club logos can be embroidered at £3 per article. For orders less than six items,  there is a £5 surcharge per order.

The prices given in the book are approximate as sometimes Darts have a discount, and there is VAT to add as well as the £3 per item if you want the club logo.

For guidance we have ordered the following in the past :

Short Sleeved Polos: Kustom Kit, K703 on page 92 and K403 on page 82. But there are
lots of others in the Polo section of the catalogue. Please double check the sizes as given against your own chest size.

Long Sleeved Polo: Russell 569LM on page 115 and there are a number of others on pages 115-117. Again, check sizes.

Fleeces: Result Polartherm RS36 on page 587. This year there is also a Result Core Micro Fleece on page 583. Please note that these are unisex but tend to be based on a
man’s cut so are quite roomy and long in the arm ! You may find others – but there are
limited white versions.

Body Warmer: RS 37 on page 609. You may find others, but again white versions are

Waterproof Jackets: Result RS1 on page 497 and RS155 on page 501. Also Regatta
RG601 and 611 on page 505.