President: Rupert Thorp was a prominent member of the Cambridge University croquet team in the early 1960s and was a founder member of Chester Croquet Club in 1977.  He and David Miller, who captained the Cambridge team in 1963, were co-authors of ‘Croquet and How to Play It’ published in 1966.  He is a civil engineer specialising in dams and reservoirs and lives in Brassey Green near Tarporley.


Chairman: Sarah Andrew

Sarah took over from David Guyton in June 2015. She has been a member since 1999 and has seen a great many changes in that time. Sarah chairs meetings of the committee and AGM. She attends as many of the club competions as she can and enjoys presenting the trophies and awards. Sarah has been chairman of the Social Committee of the club and enjoys the end of season supper and other winter social events. She can be contacted at .


Secretary: John Dawson

John has been a Committee member for some years and Secretary from 2013. He is a regular association croquet team player and has recently been trying his hand at golf croquet. He is our main link to the Croquet Association and the North West Federation. When he is not playing croquet or bridge, he can be contacted on 01244 675929 or e-mail at .



Treasurer: Trevor Farrell

Trevor took over the role of Treasurer from Chris Slater at the 2018 AGM. He started playing croquet in 2012 and  joined the Committee in 2017.  He is a regular golf team member and particularly enjoys the level play aspect of the game. He can be contacted on 01244 674955 or by e-mail at


Equipment: Robin Tasker

Robin looks after all our equipment and makes sure that everything is in good order during the playing and the close season. Please report any equipment issues to Robin as he relies on members to take good care of our kit and to let him know if there is any need for repair or replacement.




Web site editor: Hugh Bray

Other committee members: Derek Bell Jones, David Boyd, Pat Clare, Maureen Corrigan, David Crawford, Trevor Farrell, David Guyton, Elmyr Hughes and Maureen Ivens

Other roles and organisers

Membership and publicity: Sally Slater

Sally has been a member of the club since 2011 and membership secretary since 2013. Sally keeps the database of members and sends out updated membership lists from time to time so that members can easily get in touch with each other to arrange games and matches. She is the first point of contact for new or prospective members to provide information and answer queries. Sally also looks after publicity for the club. She can be contacted on 01244 677645 or e-mail at


Child protection: Mavis Sellers
Pavilion housekeeping: Pat Clare
Catering: Sarah Andrew
Clothing: Jayne Taylor
Liaison with Chester West and Chester Council: David Guyton

Association croquet

Handicappers: David Boyd, Elmyr Hughes
Assistant referees: John Dawson, Elmyr Hughes
Club coaches: Sarah Andrew, Derek Bell Jones, David Boyd, Helen Brophy, Alan Clare, John Dawson, David Guyton, Dennis Holman, Elmyr Hughes, Paul Watson
Beginners’ course: Sarah Andrew, Paul Watson

NW Federation league match organisers:
Advanced B Level: Jerry Guest
Handicap: David Boyd
Midweek Handicap: John Dawson
Short: Maureen Corrigan

Golf croquet

Handicappers: Maureen Ivens, Jayne Taylor
Club coaches: Pat Clare, David Crawford, Maureen Ivens, Jayne Taylor, Rosemary Williams
Introduction to golf croquet: Pat Clare

NW Federation league match organisers:
Golf: Maureen Ivens
Golf Level Play – Chester Centurions: Alan Clare
Golf Level Play – Chester Chariots: Pat Clare