2018 NW Leagues

The provisional draft calendar for  North West Federation league matches in 2018 is shown below. Past experience is that amendments will arise before the final calendar is confirmed.

Advanced B Level League

League organiser: Jerry Guest     Telephone: 0759 4704366

Sunday 29 April Bury (A)
Tuesday 22 May Pendle & Craven (A)
Sunday 15 July Bowdon (H)
Sunday 5 August Southport (H)

Handicap League

League organiser: David Boyd     Telephone: 01829 770985

Saturday 7 April Southport (H)
Saturday 20 May Bowdon St Mary’s (A)
Sunday 10 June Bowdon Firs (H)
Sunday 1 July Fylde (A)
Saturday 14 July Bury Caesars (H)
Sunday 29 July Bury Peelers (A)
Saturday 18 August Pendle & Craven (H)
Sunday 2 September Crake Valley (A)

Mid-Week League

League organiser: John Dawson     Telephone: 01244 675929

Friday 18 May Bowdon Griffins (A)
Thursday 14 June Westmorland (H)
Wednesday 11 July Southport (A)
Thursday 26 July Pendle & Craven (A)
Wednesday 8 August Bowdon Earls (H)
Wednesday 22 August Bury (H)

Short Croquet League

League organiser: Maureen Corrigan     Telephone: 01244638678

Saturday 21 April Pendle & Craven (A)
Saturday 19 May Bury (H)
Sunday 3 June Southport (H)
Sunday 17 June Westmorland (A)
Sunday 15 July Fylde (A)
Sunday 29 July Bowdon Cubs (H)
Sunday 12 August Bowdon Bears (A)

Golf Croquet League

League organiser: Maureen Ivens     Telephone: 01244 676627

Saturday 14 April Bowdon (H)
Saturday 28 April Crake Valley (A)
Sunday 6 May Bury South (H)
Sunday 27 May Culcheth (H)
Saturday 9 June Bury North (H)
Saturday 7 July Fylde (A)
Saturday 21 July Llanfairfechan (A)
Saturday 11 August Southport (H)
Sunday 26 August Westmorland (A)

Level Play Golf Croquet League – Chester Centurions

League organiser: Jayne Taylor     Telephone: 01244 675067

Tuesday 10 April Chester Chariots (H)
Wednesday 2 May Bury (H)
Thursday 24 May Culcheth (H)
Thursday 19 July Bowdon (H)
Thursday 2 August Southport (A)
Wednesday 29 August Pendle & Craven (A)

Level Play Golf Croquet League – Chester Chariots

League organiser: Pat Clare     0151   3362606

Tuesday 10 April Chester Centurions (H)
Tuesday 1 May Pendle & Craven (H)
Wednesday 23 May Southport (H)
Wednesday 13 June Bury (A)
Wednesday 18 July Culcheth (A)
Thursday 30 August Bowdon (A)