2019 Notices

New Year’s Day, 1 January 2020

Our usual post-Christmas social event is being changed to New Year’s Day,
1 January 2020.  Boxing Day plus One was proving hard for people to get to if they were away or had relatives, so we thought a change is worth a try.

Usual format:

2.00 – 4.00 pm in the clubhouse. Buck’s Fizz, tea and coffee provided. Bring anything to share – food or drink. There will be a quiz. And bring your mallet – you never know! A friendly game of croquet before the lawns are rested until the season starts?

Come along and bring anybody who happens to be with you!

Annual Dinner, 8 February 2020

We are having our club dinner at Chester Golf Club in Curzon Park in February again next year. Please save the date and details. We will ask for names and payment nearer the time. The details are:

Saturday 8th February 2020, 7 pm for 7.30 pm

The cost for three courses and coffee will be £27 including staff gratuity. There will be a choice of menu including a vegetarian option. Vegans and those with special diets should contact the Club direct.

All the best

Sarah Andrew

Mallets, mallets, mallets !

If you have asked Father Christmas for a new mallet and are lucky enough to receive one, perhaps you might consider either donating or selling your old one to the club.

We like to have a range of mallets for members to try out, or beginners to use, and could do with a few more.

Many thanks and happy Christmas

Sally Slater

Dates for your diary

The annual dinner will be at Chester Golf Club at 7.oo for 7.30 pm on Saturday, 8 February 2020 and will be followed by the AGM at 7.00 pm on Friday, 21 February. More details later.

Autumn lawn maintenance

The Council started autumn lawn maintenance on Tuesday, 29 October, which is taking place over several days. To ensure the lawns are in the best possible condition for next year please give priority to this work and refrain from playing if work is in progress or the surface is not cleared or suitable. After work is completed, play may continue on Lawns 1 and 2 to the end of December but, to avoid damage to the lawns, please do not play when the lawns are muddy, waterlogged or covered by frost or snow.

Christine Long Golf Croquet Competition
re-scheduled to Wednesday, 9 October

Due to poor weather conditions the Christine Long Golf Competition had to be postponed and is now being held on Wednesday, 9 October. This competition is a full bisque handicap so it gives a chance for players old and new to go head to head.

There’s a new sign-up sheet in the clubhouse so please put your names down or e-mail me at skierkats@gmail.com

Many thanks

James Thomas

Croquet lawns

The croquet lawns are very wet after heavy rain over the weekend and the Council applied fertilizer this morning, Monday, 30 September. Some play took place during the morning and early afternoon when the weather was drier but further rain has returned this afternoon and is expected to continue this evening and into Tuesday. It is important to avoid damaging the lawns while they remain very wet and covered with fertilizer and members are asked to assess the situation carefully before deciding whether to play on Tuesday and Wednesday and later in the week depending on the weather.

If members do decide to play, please take particular care to wash the croquet balls before returning them to the storage boxes in the wheelie bins and to wash hands to remove traces of fertilizer.

Thank you

Sign up for the Christine Long Golf Croquet Competition
on Sunday, 29 September

There is a sheet up on the notice board in the pavilion. Please add your name if you would like to enter or reply direct to me and I will add it for you.

Maureen Ivens

David Barrett visit with mallets for sale

David Barrett’s visit to Chester is being postponed until the following week as the date clashes with the Cycling TOUR OF BRITAIN which will be going through Chester and Hough Green on that day – more details here.

NEW DATE – Wednesday, 18 September, from 1.30 pm

David Barrett will be visiting Chester Croquet Club on Wednesday, 11 September, in the afternoon. He will bring with him a selection of his mallets and he will advise on what is most suitable for your needs.

If you know what length mallet you require, he will ensure he brings some of that length for you to try. If you buy one on the day it saves you the postage costs (£14). Otherwise he will make you a mallet of your choice and send it to you. I have put some pictures and prices of his full range on the notice board. Otherwise you could visit his website. Let me know if you need any more information.

He will also provide us with some coaching/advice later in the afternoon.

Pat Clare

Hasting Wang and Hermitage
golf croquet competitions

We are about to start the Hasting Wang knockout singles competition and the Hermitage doubles competition for golf croquet.  Ideally we would like 16 players for each competition. More is fine! Once people have entered then the draws are made and the early rounds are played at your leisure. There will be dates when each round should have been played by. Doubles partners are selected at random. The finals will be held towards the end of September. Date to be finalised.

Please sign up by sending me an e-mail or signing the sheet in the pavilion.


Sally Slater

Lawn Availability

Please note that all four lawns will be in use on Wednesday, 10 July, and again on Saturday, 13 July. On Wednesday Chester is hosting the NW Federation Millennium golf handicap tournament and on Saturday there are two home matches, a short lawn league match against Bury Vikings and a golf handicap league match against Fylde Coasters.

Millennium Full Lawn Association Handicap Tournament
Saturday & Sunday, 13 & 14 July, at Pendle

There is an opportunity for you to play in this year’s NW Federation Millennium Full Lawn Association Handicap Tournament to be held at Pendle over the weekend of 13th – 14th July.

James Thomas is interested to play in it, which leaves a vacant place for one more member from Chester.

Please let me know if you are interested in taking up this opportunity.


David Boyd

Millennium Golf Handicap Tournament
Wednesday, 10 July, at Chester

This year we are hosting the NW Millennium Golf Handicap tournament.

This is an annual event open to all club members in the NW Federation. Each Club can nominate up to two players. You play as an individual not as part of a team. It attracts a range of handicaps. The entrance fee is £10 but that is usually paid by your Club (Chester will do this).

It will be held on Wednesday, 10 July. The format will depend on the number of players. So far I have entries from Bowden, Bury and Crake.

Would YOU like to play? It is an enjoyable day and it will certainly help your croquet. I have played in several Millenniums and enjoyed them.

Please let me know as soon as you can and let me know your handicap. If you want to ask me anything, please give me a ring on 0151 336 2606 or email me at alanpat.c@hotmail.co.uk

Pat Clare

Westminster Park Summer Fayre, Saturday, 22 June

We have been asked if Chester Croquet Club would like to have a presence at the upcoming Westminster Park Summer Fayre.

Some people using the park don’t even know we are there!

We think it would be good to have a stand with leaflets and information, and also maybe a small running hoop game. This may increase the profile of croquet and the club, and may even encourage people to come and have a go at our taster sessions.

In the first instance, we are just looking for volunteers to man the stand and the game.

It is on Saturday June 22nd. Don’t know any other details as yet, but if you are free for a few hours on that day and would like to help, please contact me as soon as you can.

Many thanks

Sally Slater

Southport Festival of Croquet, 29-30 June

The Southport Festival of Croquet takes place on Saturday and Sunday the 29 and 30 June this year. Chester won the Short Lawn competition last year and it would be good to defend the title… But if Chester is to enter AC teams this year I need your support!

If you wish to play either Full Lawn or Short AC on either or both days then please let me know as soon as possible as I need to enter teams. Entry cost are covered by the Club and lunch with tea and coffee is available at £10 per day.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Robin Tasker

Southport Festival of Croquet, 29-30 June

This year’s Southport Croquet Festival will take place on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June. The format is as in previous years with the addition of a level play golf event. Teams of 3 for Handicap Golf, LPG, AC short and AC Handicap and 2 for AC Advanced. You can play on one or both days and in different team events (although not at the same time)

If you would like to play in a golf event please contact Maureen Ivens or if you would like to play AC please contact Robin Tasker. Please indicate on which days you wish to play and on which team(s); and whether you want lunch/tea (which is normally excellent). Also please indicate if you intend to travel each day or stay overnight. Robin and Maureen will coordinate daily travel so that the number of cars is minimised. The club pays the entry fees, you pay the lunch / tea cost and contribute to the travel cost

Each team will have a captain for the day and Robin will be the overall Club Manager

The festival is great fun and has an excellent atmosphere .The formal entries must go in during the first week of June so please contact Maureen or Robin asap!

John Dawson


Now that the season is in full swing please may I remind you about looking after our croquet equipment.

In particular when a lawn is being cleared away please can you ensure that all the hoops, balls and clips are present and correct in the wheelie bins! Also please check that the boxes with the bisques, corner pegs and GC pegs are all back in place, and any timer clocks returned to the cupboard.

When the weather is wet please keep the bin lids closed during play to keep everything dry, and with the towels available in the store room, ensure the wet balls etc are dried off.

Equipment does go astray from time to time but please can you let me know if you find you’re missing an item so that it can be replaced.

Many thanks

Robin Tasker
Equipment Officer

Hasting Wang Tournament 2019

I have taken over organisation of the Hasting Wang Tournament for this year from Elmyr Hughes. This means it will be a little bit less well organised than usual, sorry! However, I know short lawn association croquet players are keen to take part. The competition is an internal competition for short lawn association croquet played to Federation rules (1.5 hour games at full handicap). The notable thing about this competition is that the more games you play the more likely you are to win even if you don’t do brilliantly in every game. It is therefore well worth taking part even if you are quite a beginner.

I have put a sign-up sheet in the clubhouse. Please add your name if you would like to compete or, alternatively,  e-mail me to be put on the playing sheet. I hope we will start the competition before the next bank holiday weekend so please put your name up or e-mail me before 20th May.

All the best
Sarah Andrew

Early Bird Doubles Golf Croquet Competition

A date has been set – Sunday, 2nd June – for the Early Bird Doubles competition, if enough people are interested in playing this year. This is a golf croquet doubles tournament for players with high handicaps, i.e handicaps of 11 or above. We usually start at about 1 pm and finish by 6 pm with a break for refreshments, but timing depends on how many people want to join in. You do not have to sign up as a pair as partners are usually sorted out on the day.

I have put a notice up in the pavilion, so please sign up if you are interested or send me an e-mail .

Jayne Taylor

Millennium Short Lawn Handicap Competition,
Saturday, 11 May, at Fylde

Chester has two places available in the above competition. it’s a very friendly competition and Chester players have done well in it in recent years. The Club pays the entrance fee, player lunch and tea, and travel. Please contact John Dawson as soon as possible  by e-mail or on 01244 675929 or 07717773508 if you would like to play.

Social Sunday, 2 – 5 pm, 5 May

Sunday, 5 May, is our next Social Sunday and we have invited all of our beginners on both the association and golf croquet courses to come along and meet other members.

Please come and meet our beginners and demonstrate what a friendly and welcoming club we are! 2.00 pm start as usual, bring along something to share if you would like to. Remember, friends and family are always welcome. Croquet is played, of course, and you could always use the occasion to arrange an internal competition match.

The weather seems to be improving.

Look forward to seeing you!

Association croquet improvers course

An association croquet improvers course will be run for 6 weeks alongside the beginners course on Tuesday evenings at 6.30 – 8.30 pm starting on Tuesday, 23 April. David Guyton has kindly agreed to lead the course. The course is open to anyone in the club who would like to improve their game.

After 6 weeks, the beginners and improvers courses will merge into continuation practice evenings for members to play ‘proper’ games under the eye of a coach who will be able to offer advice or to answer any questions re: shots or strategy, or particular topics such as pegging out or wiring and lifts.

Playing plans for the new season

Despite storms Freya and Gareth (and no doubt the rest of the alphabet soon) we are looking forward to our new season. Here are a few dates for you to note, particularly the changes in the session days.

Saturday March 23rd – lawns being laid out / pavilion cleaning

Sunday March 24th – lawns fully open for play

The above dates are weather dependent, so may be later. Please read e-mails or check on the website.

Monday March 25th – first AC session all day

Tuesday March 26th – first GC roll-up session 10.00 – 12.00

Wednesday March 27th – first GC ‘team coaching’ session 10.00 – 12.00. This is the new time for this session which was previously held on Tuesday afternoons.

Wednesday March 27th – 1.30 onwards mixed AC and GC session

Friday March 29th – new GC session 2.00 – 4.00 pm.  This is the new time for this session which was previously on a Thursday afternoon. N.B. There are NO planned roll-up sessions on a Thursday, as 10 Thursdays are now NW fed matches.

Friday March 29th – GC evening session 5.00 – 8.00 pm

Sunday April 7 – Social Sunday / RAT league kick off 2.00 pm

Saturday April 13th – Taster Day

Put them in your diary!

News from the AGM
  • Sarah Andrew, John Dawson and Trevor Farrell continue as officers of the committee
  • Hugh Bray is now responsible for maintaining the membership list in place of Sally Slater, so any changes of e-mail or phone numbers please let Hugh know. Also any e-mail circulars that go to the whole membership will go to and come from him.
  • The members list will not be sent out by e-mail but is available in the Members area of the website and will be kept up to date there.
  • The proposed budget was passed at the AGM and subscription rates will remain the same for this season: £60 full membership, £35 second club/country. The subs are now due and are to go to Trevor Farrell at 62 Hough Green, Chester CH4 8JQ. You can also pay by BACS this year – sort code 20-20-46 / account number 03683826. If you pay by BACS please let Trevor Farrell know you have done so.
  • In order to fulfill data protection requirements, we have to have evidence that you have allowed your data to be sent to the Croquet Association as everyone who joins Chester Croquet Club is entitled to become a standard member of the CA. Because of this, almost everyone filled in a membership form last year expressing their wishes. If you filled in a form last year then you don’t need to do so again, but if you didn’t fill in a form last year, or your details or wishes have changed, then please complete a new Membership form , sign it and send it with your subs.
  • If you are a standard member of the CA and you agreed to do so, then your details are available on the CA website. There is now a self-edit facility to change your details directly. If you want to do this I can let you have  information about how to do it. However, it would be better to go through Hugh Bray so our records are also up to date.
  • The CA are changing the way they govern the sport by reducing their committee from 30 to 12 to enable it to concentrate more effectively on policy and strategy. In order to do this the constitution needs to be changed, so you are being asked to please vote so they can do this either by sending in the form in the Croquet Gazette or by going online and voting on the CA website. It is quick and easy and very important.

I think that’s it.  In summary –

Sally Slater
Publicity Secretary

Recycling old Gazettes

Hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather. May our coming season be half as good!

Just a note re The Croquet Gazette. Most members will have received the Croquet Gazette today. The CA have found that if copies are placed in waiting rooms at the doctors, hospitals and dentists surgeries and similar, it has generated quite a bit of interest in our sport.

So once you have read the Gazette cover to cover, it would be great if you could take it to be recycled where other people may take a look. Maybe next time you go to the physio or the dentist?

Thanks for your help

Sally Slater
Membership Secretary

AGM, Friday, 8 March

What gorgeous weather! We shall soon be out and about on the lawns.

Firstly, though, there is the AGM and planning meeting to attend! This is your chance to have a say in how the club runs, so please put it in your diary and come along.

FRIDAY MARCH 8th at 7.30 p.m. at The Community Centre, Five Ashes Road, Westminster Park. There is parking on site or opposite at the shops.

The first part of the evening is the AGM. We will then have a break as there is a bar for drinks, and the second half of the evening will be the planning meeting for the season.

The AGM agenda, last year’s minutes and the 2018 accounts are in the Members area, so please print them off and bring them with you.

See you there!

Sally Slater
Membership Secretary