Club Games

We welcome and encourage players at all levels to develop their skills and the Club offers a wide range of coaching sessions, regular weekly events and internal club competitions.

For newcomers to the game, taster and introductory events and courses are arranged at the beginning of every season for both association croquet and golf croquet.

After learning the main features of the game, skills and experience can be developed by playing against fellow members in friendly games. You can arrange these yourself or simply turn up at one of our regular weekly events for association or golf croquet. The Club’s coaches and other more experienced members are always happy to advise and help you improve your skills.

The next step is to take part in internal club competitions. There is a wide variety of these to suit all abilities from beginners to more advanced players. The majority are open to members of all levels of ability and use a handicapping system to help give broadly equal opportunities to players of differing standards. Other competitions are level play when handicapping does not apply.

In time, members may like to represent the Club in friendly matches against other clubs or in league matches which are held throughout the north west region.  Chester Croquet Club currently takes part in all six of the leagues and in the annual Croquet Festival at Southport that are organised by the North West Federation of Croquet Clubs.

When players have developed sufficient skills and confidence, there are also wide opportunities to compete in regional and national tournaments.