One up, one down

Chester fielded teams in two NW Federation league matches on Sunday, 2 June.

At home Chester played against Crake Valley in the association croquet 26 point handicap league. The Chester team for this match were David Guyton (captain), David Boyd, Mark Lloyd and Andy Wilson-Chalon. For a change, it was bright and sunny throughout the day though at times with a distinct chill in the wind. The lawns were in good condition and had been cut specially for the golf croquet tournament held on the previous day. After the early morning dew had evaporated, they were dry and faster than at any time so far this year. As a result there were more than average overshoots at hoop approaches and at boundaries. By lunchtime, Chester were lagging behind having won one singles game but losing the doubles game and another singles game in the morning. Fortunes improved in the afternoon when Chester won three of the four singles games and losing the other by a single golden hoop after both sides had equal scores when time was called. The overall result was a 4 – 3 win for Chester.

In an away match against Southport in the golf croquet handicap league, the Chester team were Gail Thomas (captain), Doreen Curtis, Sandy Grievson and Mel Hagen. As at Chester, the forecast had been good – dry and sunny all day – but further north and on the coast it turned out to be overcast but with the same chilly wind in the morning. The afternoon brightened somewhat and the sun came out as we were leaving! Apparently the lawns had been very wet early in the week and one of the four was still unplayable. We had two lawns to play on and they were fine – a little dew early on but that soon dried. A long day but enjoyable with a final score 10 – 8 to Southport.