This section includes links to reference documents issued by Chester Croquet Club, the Croquet Association and the North West Federation of Croquet Clubs. Click on the title to view or download a copy.

Chester Croquet Club

The latest version of our Constitution as revised at the AGM on 10 March 2023.

The Club is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and visitors. To safeguard children under the age of 18, the Club complies with child safeguarding policies and procedures issued by the Croquet Association. Key points are summarised in the Club’s Child Safeguarding Policy which includes links to relevant Croquet Association documents. These include additional guidance on Child Safeguarding for Competitions and Other Events and on Photography, Video and Live Streaming. If any form of inappropriate behaviour is observed, suspected or reported, the Club Safeguarding Officer should be informed and an incident report form should be completed at the earliest opportunity.

The Club also is committed to complying with relevant data protection legislation and a Data Protection Policy was ratified at the AGM on 2 March 2018.

2022 Membership Application

Checklist for Team Captains as amended 9 April 2022

Getting the best out of our facilities
Practical Tips for Informal Croquet
Croquet Do’s and Don’ts
Croquet Etiquette and Customs

Handicap cards

AC and GC Handicap Systems
Short Croquet Handicap System

History of Chester Croquet Club, 1977 – 2002, by Hasting Wang

Croquet  Association

Equality Policy
Child Safeguarding Policy 
Child Safeguarding Codes of Conduct
Child Safeguarding Processes
Child Safeguarding Guidelines
Security and Privacy Policies
Information Sharing Agreement between the CA and Clubs

North West Federation of Croquet Clubs

Croquet Handicapping in the NWFCC