Mid-August results

After winning at home against Southport in the previous week in the North West Federation association croquet weekend handicap league, Chester played a return match away on Wednesday, 17 August, in the mid-week handicap league. This time, the Chester team of David Guyton (captain), David Boyd, Helen Brophy and Paul Watson found themselves facing stronger opposition. In contrast to the blazing sunshine and high temperatures in the earlier match, the day started with a grey, overcast sky and a distinct chill in the seaside air but brightened up in the afternoon. In the morning games, Chester won one of the two singles games but lost the other singles game and the doubles game, the latter by just two hoops giving Southport a 2 – 1 lead by lunchtime.  To win again, Chester needed to gain three of the four singles games in the afternoon but managed to achieve only two, again losing one by just two hoops. The overall result was a 4 – 3 win for Southport with two narrow wins that, with a touch of better fortune, could easily have gone the other way.

The Chester Chariots golf croquet level play team of Pat Clare, Brian Lussey and Tom Grievson played away against a very powerful Bowdon team on a warm but cloudy day on Thursday, 18 August. Significantly out-gunned in handicaps the Chester team did well to limit the result to Bowden 14 against Chester’s 4.  However each member of the Chester team achieved a win against a very much stronger opposition player which provided a welcome measure of personal satisfaction to the day.

The other Chester golf croquet evel play team, the Centurions, captained by John Hampson, beat Llanfairfechan 11-7 on the same day.

The latest round in the Snowdonia Cup was played between Chester and Craig-y-Don on Saturday, 20 August. The Chester team was captained by Val Sanders, with Helen Brophy and Hugh Bray. The very gusty wind conditions were quite challenging as was adjusting to playing on lawns that are used for crown green bowling, leading to some interesting moments! The final score was 6 – 3 to Craig-y-Don but the games were much closer than the scores might suggest.