AC/GC Partnership Day

Chester Croquet Club held its first AC/GC partnership day of the season. 8 members who normally play golf croquet partnered 8 members who normally play association croquet for a lighthearted competition of association croquet.

Robin Tasker managed the competition and worked out which pair was to play which pair each round to determine the eventual winners.

With two games each Sarah Clements and Sally Slater played Brian Walton and Rick Davies in the final round to decide the winners. After an hour’s exciting play the two pairs were neck and neck at 7 hoops all, making a shot to the peg the deciding factor. Sarah and Rick played the drives and both made excellent shots inches from the peg, but Sarah’s was a couple of inches nearer so deciding the outcome.

It was an enjoyable afternoon played in warm sunshine, and the members are looking forward to the next partnership day to be held in June.

Players in the AC/GC Partnership Day with Sally Slater and Sarah Clements in the centre as winners of the alternate shot doubles competition

Now here’s a thought: play GC and AC!

Rachel Gee is a top class player – winning the 2011 Women’s Golf Croquet World championship, representing England in the association Openshaw competition, winning the English National Singles AC in 2019 and 2020, and the 2014, 2018, and 2023 European Golf croquet championships.

Not bad eh?

She was asked what was her best suggestion for development in either code and she said


“Playing AC has opened my eyes to a large range of alternative shot options in GC, some of which can be hoop winning almost immediately. Playing GC has given me a better understanding of my % success rate for any given shot (running longer hoops, various length roquets etc) which has given me the confidence to be much more aggressive with my break pick up lines and shooting shot selections in AC.”

Well said Rachel.

Look out for our next GC/ AC partnership day to improve your understanding and skills.