End of season competitions

With the season coming to an end, two internal club competitions have been played at Chester Croquet Club.

On Saturday, 8 October, 13 players competed in the annual Christine Long golf croquet competition in good weather. Last year’s winner, Ian Meadows, managed the event, which was a closely fought contest and the winner didn’t emerge until the final round. The winner was Brian Lussey with Jill Foley a close second.

Christine Long golf croquet competition winner Brian Lussey and runner-up Jill Foley

On the following Saturday, 15 October, a short lawn open association croquet competition was held, with 8 players vying for the award. The weather started with bright sunshine but by lunchtime the rain had started.  Split into two groups of four, the winners of each group, Derek Bell-Jones and Nigel Worthington, contested the final. Nigel was the eventual winner, beating Derek by 14-5.

Competitors in the open short lawn competition, left to right, David Boyd, Hugh Bray, Val Sanders, Helen Brophy, Nigel Worthington, Robert Jones and Derek Bell-Jones
After a sunny start, sheltering from the rain in the afternoon
At the end of the competition, runner-up Derek Bell-Jones (left) and winner Nigel Worthington (right), and Nigel holding the winning trophy

Although league matches and club competitions have now come to an end, it is hoped that croquet will continue until the end of the year providing autumn lawn maintenance and weather permit, with the final day being a social croquet event on New Year’s Day when members gather to play a final game of croquet with friends and family.