Chester Croquet Club is pleased to welcome new members and visitors including individual players, group bookings and charity events. As the croquet lawns are in frequent use throughout the week during the playing season, please enquire about availability by contacting the Club Secretary or the Publicity, Beginners and New Members Secretary.

General enquiries
Club Secretary
Robin Tasker
Telephone: 01829 751666
Publicity, beginners
and new members
Sally Slater
Telephone: o1244 677645

The main requirements are that players must wear flat-soled shoes and use the Club’s hoops, which are specific to each lawn, and other croquet equipment under the supervision of one or more members of the Club. Croquet mallets are available for use though players are welcome to bring their own if they wish.

Playing Fees

Visitors and members of the public may use the Club’s facilities on a reasonable number of occasions in any season. A donation of £5 per person per morning or afternoon or evening visit would be appreciated as a contribution for use of the Club’s facilities and equipment. Children, grandchildren and occasional private guests playing with members of the Club may play without charge. Non-members are encouraged to become a member of the Club in which case any amount already paid is deducted from the relevant annual subscription. In all cases, guests and members of the public must be accompanied and supervised by a member of the Club.

The Club is willing to host organised community, corporate and private events, and charges will be considered and agreed case by case. Charity events when entry charges are for the benefit of a registered charity will normally be hosted by the Club free of charge. Please contact the Club Secretary.