Subscriptions and expenses

2024 Subscriptions

Full member aged 18 and over at time of AGM £60
Country member aged 18 and over whose normal residence is more than 25 miles from Chester by the nearest reasonable route £45
Second club member aged 18 and over whose main club is also a member of the Croquet Association £45
Student member aged 18 to 24 at time of AGM £5
Junior member aged under 18 at time of AGM £5

For new members joining part way through the normal playing season from April to September the subscription is one sixth of the relevant annual subscription for each full remaining month of the normal playing season at the time of joining. This does not apply to existing members who, for whatever reason, are late in renewing their subscription.

Subscriptions are payable to the Club Treasurer, Ian Graham, at 67 Hough Green, Chester CH4 8JW . Payments may be made by cheque or by on-line bank transfer – please ask for details.

For all enquiries concerning new membership and beginners courses, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Playing Fees

Visitors and members of the public may use the Club’s facilities on a reasonable number of occasions in any season. A donation of £5 per person per visit would be appreciated as a contribution towards use of the Club’s equipment and facilities. Children, grandchildren and occasional private guests playing with members of the Club may play without charge. Non-members are encouraged to become a member of the Club in which case any amount already paid is deducted from the relevant annual subscription. In all cases, guests and members of the public must be accompanied and supervised by a member of the Club.

The Club is willing to host organised private, community and corporate group events and charges will be considered and agreed case by case. Charity events when entry charges are for the benefit of a registered charity will normally be hosted by the Club free of charge. Please contact the Club Secretary.

Competition and Travel Expenses

The Club pays entry fees for Club-sponsored events and, in some cases, also
contributes towards travel and other expenses as described below.

Club-sponsored entry fees

The Club pays team or individual entry fees for NW Federation events such as the
Southport Festival and the various Millennium tournaments, for Croquet England
inter-club competitions and for Club-sponsored members playing in Croquet England All England finals for winners from earlier regional rounds.

Croquet England Inter-club competitions and All England finals

For members playing in national Club-sponsored team and individual events against opponents from outside the NW Federation area where the match is not played at Chester, the Club will pay a single amount calculated at 27p per mile for a return journey from Chester Westminster Park to the agreed venue. The total sum should be shared pro rata if more than one car is used. The Club does not pay for a Chester player to travel to and from their home to Westminster Park,  Chester, or an equivalent distance, as a part of a car-share arrangement.

When overnight accommodation is required for out-of-region national Club-sponsored events, an accommodation contribution of up to £50 per player may be
claimed to offset receipted out-of-pocket costs when a player has to stay in a hotel
rather than with family or friends.

North West Federation league and Snowdonia Cup matches

The Club does not contribute to travel and other expenses for NW Federation league
and Snowdonia Cup matches, the Southport Festival, or other friendly matches. When Club members share a car to such away matches, the suggested voluntary contribution by each passenger to the driver is 9p per mile. Click here for a table showing distances to other NW Federation clubs.

Personal entries in competitions and visits to other clubs

Members taking part in competitions and tournaments in a personal capacity or in
friendly group visits to other clubs are expected to pay their own competition fees and travel expenses.


Members may obtain a key to the clubhouse (excluding an Allen key) for a returnable deposit on application to the Membership Secretary.  For keys issued from 4 May 2018 the charge is increased from £12 to £15.


Members winning trophies during the season should arrange to have their name engraved if appropriate and the cost will be reimbursed by the Treasurer provided that a receipt has been obtained. A recommended engraver in Chester is Olympic Trophies at 23 Charles Street, Hoole, Chester CH2 3AY.


Costs incurred in purchases or repairs of Club equipment or shared items in the clubhouse should be discussed and agreed with the Equipment Officer who will consult with the Secretary and Treasurer or Committee as appropriate.


Members representing the Club in NW Federation league matches at home are usually expected to provide food and beverages for themselves and visitors as advised by the Team Captain. Separate arrangements may apply for other matches when members and visitors bring their own lunches. Catering costs for competitions and tournaments hosted by the Club should be discussed and agreed with the Catering Organiser  who will consult with the Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Manager as appropriate