Setting out hoops for the new season

During a rare spell of sunshine between heavy rain overnight and more rain in the afternoon, a small but resolute band of volunteers managed to set out hoops for the four full lawns as planned  on Thursday morning, 28 March. The lawns were sodden with large areas of standing water across all four lawns but a minor benefit was that the ground was so soft it was possible to hammer in the hoops relatively easily without needing to drill holes into hard clay. Hoops for the eight short lawns were were set out on Saturday, 30 March, ready for the new season to start on Sunday, 31 March, and the first Social Funday of 2024. And, miracle of miracles after so much rain, the lawns are dry and ready for play.

Paul Watson, Robin Tasker and David Boyd after setting out the hoops in record time on Thursday, 28 March. Note the pools of water visible across all the lawns – The Rain It Raineth Every Day!