Orders for clothing with logo

Last call for new clothing orders

I am hoping to put in a group order later next week beginning Monday, 17 June for clothing from DARTS. I appreciate that new members may be unsure of what to order. The catalogue in the pavilion is not that easy to navigate, and no prices are given. However, the catalogue is on line and can be accessed on http://www.dartschester.co.uk , and the prices can be found on line for each item. VAT has to be added on and the cost of the logo. If I order more than 6 items the cost is £4 per unit, plus VAT. It is considerably more if you order individually (£12 plus VAT for 1-2 items)

Not all items can be purchased in white, so check the colour range if you are wanting whites to wear for matches and tournaments. You can of course get coloured items with the logo on. Nice for wearing at other times and spreading the word about the club !

Hear are some examples of the brands we have ordered in the past, but you are not obliged to do the same, hence the available catalogue :

Polos Henbury, Kustom Kit, Russel,
Fleeces Result Core Microfleece and Polartherm Jacket
Gilets and bodywarmers Result Core

I will be at the club on Monday morning, 17 June, and Wednesday morning, 19 June, and will bring some of my own clothing that people can look at / try on to check sizes. If anybody else already with DARTS clothing is willing to bring theirs along also to give some guidance, that would be very helpful.

You can also visit the DARTS showroom on Tarvin Road and have a look at some of the examples they have there. Explain that you are with Chester Croquet Club and that you are trying to decide on what to put on our group order, which we are putting together. They are usually very helpful.

Please email me direct on jaytay20ch@aol.com .

Jayne Taylor

Clothing with club logo

As most of you will know DARTS have our logo on their embroidery machines and I usually put together an order based on individual requests. You can either purchase the clothes from DARTS or have your own embroidered. There is a DARTS 2023 catalogue (the latest one) in the club house, which has a range of polos, fleeces and sweatshirts (add VAT to the prices). If you want to get your own clothes embroidered (ie not purchased from DARTS), they must be new/unworn/unwashed.

The cost to embroider the logos is as follows :
DARTS clothing, more than 6 items, £4 plus VAT per item. Less than 6 costs more ( 1-2 items = £12 plus VAT, 3-5 = £6 plus VAT ). Hence I try to put a joint order together of more than 6 to keep costs down.
Own clothing is £8 each for more than 6 items, £18 for 1-2, and £10 for 3-5 items.

You can see how it can get complicated ! There is a good range in the catalogue, and prices are not unreasonable.

Do ask if you want to see some examples of the whites others have purchased and to check for sizing. I can bring along some examples of the polos and fleeces I have purchased, and I am sure others would be prepared to as well.

Let me know if you want me to include you in an order, and for what. E-mail me at jaytay20ch@aol.com

All the best

Jayne Taylor