Short lawn win for Chester

The team of Derek Bell-Jones, Nigel Worthington, Robert Jones and Jayne Taylor finally played their postponed play-off final against Westmorland in the North West Federation short lawn league.

The match was supposed to be played last season, but was called off due to bad weather, not a problem on Tuesday, 26 April, when the weather was sunny and dry giving perfect playing conditions at the neutral venue of Southport.

It was a tight match, each team keeping pace with the other. The first round ended 2-2, the second round was 1-3, third round 3-1 then final round was 2-2, giving the final score of 8 all. Then the team with the most hoops is the winner. The hoops were nervously totalled up. Westmorland ran 139 hoops and Chester ran 158 hoops, giving Chester the championship.