Bright start to new season

The  new season got underway on Saturday, 23 April, in glorious sunshine with a local Derby between the two Chester teams in the NW Federation golf croquet handicap league. Chester Tribunes were led by Jude Wise with David Johnson, Brian Lussey and Keith Dixon. Chester Senators captain Edward Baskerville led Liz Baskerville, Ian Shaw and Kerry Dadson.  Despite an understandable hesitant start due to the long winter lay-off the Senators gradually drew ahead and were comfortably in front by lunchtime with Kerry Dadson showing good form. This trend continued in the afternoon with both Kerry and Edward shining for the Senators. The clash of the captains came in the final game where Jude reclaimed some Tribune pride by convincingly beating Edward. However Senators emerged as sound victors with 11 points to Tribunes 5 and two draws. Senator Kerry Dadson claims the laurel wreath as the only unbeaten player of the day.

On the following Sunday, 24 April, again with lovely weather, 24 aspiring croquet players came to the club to have a go at croquet. In a three hour session with coaches they learnt all about the skills needed for the sport and finished by playing a game of one ball, which was enjoyed by all. Anyone interested in croquet is always welcome to get in touch with the club and come and have a go.