Chester A tournament

Here’s another report on the national golf croquet A Level tournament for the Maggie Cowman Cup held at Chester over the weekend of 4 – 5 August:

The twelve players who entered the Chester A tournament on 5th and 6th August were hoping for sunshine but were faced with continuous heavy rain throughout Saturday. Three of Chester’s lawns were ‘squelchy’ but lawn four was completely unplayable.

Undaunted, the fully kitted competitors from Durham and Tyneside in the North, Watford in the South and NorthWest Wales launched into spirited combat. Saturday was played in two blocks of six and early results saw the emerging dominance of the ranking players in both blocks. By the end of the day Roger Edwards, Andrew Carpenter and Giles Pepperell  with Martyn Seal, we’re leading the field.

Very heavy overnight rain delayed the start of play on Sunday with the three playable lawns still fairly soggy. It was decided to continue with all-play-all block playing again with the new top six competing for the Trophy and the Bowl and the second six playing for the Plate. The rain abated, the hats came off and the vapour trails behind the balls subsided. Once again the ranking players soon dominated the Trophy six with Giles Pepperell and Martyn Seal sitting firmly at the top of the leader board. In the Plate group Sandra Cornes who had a middling Saturday found her form and was soon showing strongly.

By mid afternoon the stage was set for a showdown between Pepperell and Seal both of whom had lost only one game each. It was an exciting finish which delighted the watching crowd. Seal took an early lead with two spectacular hoops but Pepperell ground on with his particular and distinctive style to a 7 to 6 victory.

The Maggie Cowman Trophy for Giles, the Chester Bowl for Martyn and the Telford plate for a victorious Sandra Cornes.

It was soggy and cold to start with, very soggy in the middle but warm and dry by the end of the Chester A Tournament.

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