Golf Croquet

This section provides some useful links on golf croquet skills and techniques. We are grateful to David Crawford for drawing our attention to the golf croquet pages he created while he was at midSuffolk Croquet Club at Thurston near Bury St Edmunds and to some videos of golf croquet in action.

We would be pleased to add further links if members or other players would like to recommend them.

Rules of Golf Croquet, 6th Edition

Revised Rules of Golf Croquet, 6th Edition, come into effect on 27 March 2022.  The World Croquet Federation has issued a downloadable copy of the GC Rules and a fuller commentary can be found on the Croquet Association website.

Golf Croquet Coaching Manual

The Croquet Association has produced a Golf Croquet Coaching Manual which includes syllabuses for a four week beginners’ course and a four week improvers’ course. A copy in pdf format is available for Croquet Association members under Golf Croquet Coaching at the Croquet Association website and a copy restricted to Chester Croquet Club members can be viewed in the Members Only Area.

The manual is written for coaches rather than players wanting to learn and improve but players may find it useful to look through to understand the range of skills and techniques applicable to golf croquet.

Links to midSuffolk golf croquet pages

Session 1 Hitting the ball including some links to demonstrations
Session 2 Basic shots including the drive, stop shot, top spin and jump shot
Session 3 Hoop running and game strategy, angles, risk/reward, safe distance, magic circle/triangle, territory, clean and faulty shots
Session 4 Sequence of play
Session 5 Fun play with a purpose
Indoor homework Shooting practice at home
The golf croquet lawn More on the sequence of play and a downloadable chart
Extra turns in golf croquet What are extra turns? When to take extra turns.

Golf croquet in action

Introducing golf croquet
Basic ball play Ian Harrison’s follow-through is a bit exaggerated and his opponent’s grip is by no means ideal but Ian makes some very good points, eg building confidence
Highly skilled golf croquet in Eqypt Egyptians have long been renowned for their vigour and accuracy at golf croquet
Mark McInerney in action A fine example of good lining up and an economical swing by a top Irish player, Mark McInerney,  who became the first non-Egyptian to win the World Golf Croquet Championship in 2011
Two very good young golf croquet players Occasional misses but exceptional otherwise
An Egyptian hoop running for fun Note where the ball bounces
Robert Fulford in action Rob Fulford (red stripe) at the East Anglian Open Golf Croquet  Tournament final in 2016 displaying a very high standard despite his first shot

More topics can be found at the ClarkeCroquet website run by Chris and Jenny Clarke which includes sections on tactical coaching for both association and golf croquet.