Chester meets Chester

Chester met Chester in a level play golf croquet match held at Chester on Thursday, 4 May !

The club has two level play golf croquet teams and they were drawn against each other in the North West Federation league.

The Chariots, Jude Wise, Brian Lussey and Chris Thomas played the Centurions, Mark Lloyd, David Boyd and Sally Slater on a lovely sunny day and it was a more closely fought contest than the final score of 12 (Centurions) to 6 (Chariots) shows. Many of the games were taken to the golden hoop, and everyone enjoyed a great day’s croquet.

Chester Centurions and Chariots, left to right, Chris Thomas, Brian Lussey, Mark Lloyd, Sally Slater, Jude Wise and David Boyd

On Sunday, 7 May, once again Chester played Chester, this time in the North West Federation handicap golf croquet league where Chester also fields two teams, the Senators and the Tribunes, who battled for seven hours on the warmest and sunniest day this year.

A set of doubles games between the four player teams set the pace for the day with the Senators captained by Edward Baskerville winning both games. This early lead by the Senators was strengthened as the 16 games of singles got underway with their four good wins against a valiant Tribunes effort. The new ‘ Advantage’ handicap system provided tightly-fought and well balanced games and exciting finishes. The final match score of 12 to Senators and 6 to Tribunes belies the closeness of most of the games and no player suffered the ignominy of a crushing defeat. Honours go to Tribunes captain Brian Lussey and Senators captain Rick Davies, with a special mention for newcomer Doreen Curtis who was not fazed by her more experienced opponents.