Two draws in two days

On Wednesday, 12 June, Chester was host to Southport in a NW Federation Association Short Lawn league match. Jayne Taylor (captain), Nigel Worthington, Sarah Clements and Val Sanders put up a strong fight against the more experienced visiting team and managed to hold them to a draw, 8 games each, with Sarah winning three of her four games.

The following day Chester sent a team of three north to the lovely venue of Levens Hall to play a Golf Croquet Level Play league match against Westmorland. Fortunately the rain held off until after lunch, and Sally Slater (captain), Jayne Taylor and Kerry Dadson managed to secure a draw against the home team on quite difficult lawns, with both teams winning 9 games. Three cheers were raised for Kerry who won 4 of his six games, including the last game of the day which secured the draw for Chester.

Two draws in two days!