Win v Craggy Dons

On Saturday, 8 June, at Westminster Park the Chester Senators played Craggy Dons from Llandudno in an 18 game match in the NW Federation golf croquet handicap league. Chester, under captain Edward Baskerville ably supported by Christine Fryer, David Johnson and Rhia Taylor began well by winning both the doubles games. However, the Dons captained by Nick Challinor and supported by Beth McClelland, John Hannah and Linda Taylor began to fight back in the singles. The Dons, despite scoring 103 advantage points against the Senators 109 points, were held off by Chester Senators who won the match 11 games to 7. An excellent performance by David Johnson who finished the afternoon winning all four of his games in glorious sunshine, albeit with a rather chilly wind.

Chester’s man of the match, David Johnson, second from left