Summer at last

The summer solstice, Thursday, 20 June 2024, was the day assigned for Chester Chariots to play Bury Sovereigns in the NW Federation golf croquet level play league. It did not disappoint, possibly being the warmest day of the year so far with little breeze in the morning. This was a home match of 18 games captained by Edward Baskerville, supported by Kerry Dadson and Jude Wise. The Sovereigns were led by Bernard Lord with Bury members, Vi Richards and David Parrott. The home team’s average handicap of 5.3 compared with the Sovereigns 6.3 indicating a close match might be anticipated. In the event Chester Chariots won by 14 games to 4 which did not truly reflect the pressure the Sovereigns imposed. The fact that the Sovereigns managed to run 111 hoops against the Chariots 117 gives, perhaps, a better reflection. Both captains won and lost against each other, 7-5, in games that lasted well over an hour. Jude closed the afternoon for Chester Chariots with an impressive 7-0 win, the only white wash of the day.

A dehydrated but relaxed team captain at the end of the afternoon displaying his Teatime Twosomes Hat Pin! What’s he done with the rest of the team?

Another fine day two days later on Saturday, 22 June, with beautiful weather and two very evenly matched teams – Chester Senators playing at home against Bowdon Bounders in the NW Federation golf croquet handicap league. Play started at 10.00 am prompt and finished at 3.00 pm. In between it was nip and tuck all the way. So evenly matched were the teams that we ended with a well-deserved draw of 9 games all. Maybe that shows the handicap system works well? What did work very well was the chemistry between the two teams with everyone able to thoroughly enjoy the match.