Welcome to the 2024 season

The 2024 croquet season starts on Sunday, 31 March 2024. The lawns are white lined and hoop laying will be done later this week. On our opening day please come to the Sunday Funday starting at 12 noon. Bring friends and family and a plate of food to share if you wish. Bubbly, drinks, scones and berries and cream will be provided.

There is a full programme of matches, tournaments and events planned for this year. All the usual regular weekly events continue with a couple of additions. As last year June is set to be a very busy month so please try to make a habit of looking at the calendar on our excellent website before setting off to your favourite croquet event.

Our website is full of up to date information about the Club and its doings, its members, its events and news of the successes or otherwise of our teams and players. It also contains details of Club policies and documents (Home – Policies and Documents) including our Child Safeguarding Policy. Mavis Sellars (07715 050850) is the Safeguarding Officer.

Subscriptions are due now but should be paid by 1 May at the latest please. Use either Bank transfer (details on website) or directly to our new Treasurer, Ian Graham. Ian lives very close to the Club; you can see his new roof from the Clubhouse.

The lawn booking system continues this year which is helpful to those who do not live close by the Club but please remember that your booking does not guarantee sole occupancy of a lawn. Double banking is the norm but we do not mix AC and GC on a lawn.

More info on existing and new tournaments and events to follow but, in the meantime, please come and enjoy your Club and see you at Sunday Funday perhaps?

Tom Grievson