June brings another win for Chester

On Sunday, 4  June, Bury Caesars arrived at Chester on another gloriously sunny day to play in a weekend North West Federation league match for handicap association croquet. Robin Tasker captained the Chester side with Sally Slater, Helen Brophy and David Boyd playing.

Both singles games were won in the morning but the doubles game was lost in a low scoring game, giving Chester a narrow lead of 2 – 1 by lunchtime.

After refreshment and rehydration, Chester managed to squeeze ahead in the four singles games in the afternoon winning 3 – 1 although Helen Brophy and and Robin Tasker had to work hard to dig out their wins while Sally Slater pegged out for the second time in the day.

The final result was a 5 -2 win for Chester giving the club a winning start to the weekend association croquet handicap season. But if the dry, sunny weather holds for much longer, lawn conditions will become much, much more erratic and exciting!