End of season dinner

More details about end of season dinner

Hi Folks

It’s Decision Time!

The Cote Brasserie has issued its new fixed price menu, which looks remarkably like the previous one, but is now called the Pre- Theatre Menu, and with an earlier finish time. Fortunately, we are booked in for 6.30pm so just make the cut! It is also the same price, surprisingly, ie £14.95 for two courses and £18.95 for three.

I have circulated a copy of the menu by e-mail, (along with the gluten free version, menu 2), so that you can pick your food for the evening. As I explained in my last e-mail, we have to let them know everybody’s choice of food in advance, preferably 7 days in advance. Therefore, could you let me know as soon as possible what your choices are, and tell me if it is from the gluten free menu, so that I can collate the orders and get them to Cote by 16th November.

Please send your selection direct to me by e-mail , not to Hugh Bray’s e-mail address.

The restaurant does not take cash, or cheques, and would prefer if we could pay the food bill together. The club, however, does not use a bank card. Therefore, I will be paying for the food on my bank card. You will appreciate, therefore, that I would like to collect the money from everyone before the night so that I can pay it into my account first! The restaurant will include a 10% gratuity on the bill, and therefore I am suggesting that we all round up the cost of our meals to £16.50 and £21 respectively (that’s also easier for my maths).

Those of you, like me, who do not think it’s a meal unless it has a green vegetable included, will have noted a lack of such on the menu. I am considering asking them to include some dishes of green vegetables to share around the tables. Side orders are available at about £4 each, which are probably enough for two to share. At a modest increase of £2 per person this would do the trick, I think. Let me know on your menu choice if you wish to take part in this culinary addition and add £2 to your bill. I will work out how much to order on the 15th of November.

As far as drinks are concerned, they have assured me that you can all pay for those individually, but it must be with a card. They do not take cash.

Could you please let me have your payment either by cheque made out to Jayne K Taylor, or by cash. So that will be £16.50(2 courses) £21.00 (3 courses), or if you want a bit of green on the plate, make that £18.50 / £23.00 .

I live at 20 Whaddon Drive, Chester  CH4 7ND, for posting purposes, or it is just off the bottom end of Lache Lane if you are passing. Alternatively let me know when you are going to be at the club (e-mail or mobile given below). If all else fails, Paul will collect payment from you on the night.

One other thing…. I have been asked about partners attending. Traditionally we have confined this event to members of the club, largely because of a limitation on numbers. If we find that numbers are much lower this year, then it would be sad to exclude a keen supporter (partners often have to be!). So, I suggest you let me know if you would like your partner to attend if there is space, and we can make a decision at a later date depending on numbers.

Do call me if you need any further information. But make sure you use the mobile and not my land line.


Jayne Taylor

Preliminary notice about end of season dinner

Dear Members

This is a “Heads Up” information e-mail, so get your diaries out!

We have booked the upstairs room at the Cote Brasserie, Bridge Street,  Chester, for the evening of Wednesday, 23 November, to hold our end of season dinner, with presentation of trophies, quiz and general revelry! This has not been possible for a little while for obvious reasons, and sadly our previous arrangement with Chez Jules is no longer available. However, Cote do a very reasonable fixed price menu, currently at £14.95 for two courses and £18.95 for three courses.

The menu will be changing next week, and when I receive it, I will email it out to everyone. Unlike Chez Jules, they will require our food selection at least 7 days before, and pre-payment. I am assured that the price will not vary greatly from the current menu. There is a limit on the time when the revised menu will be available, and the latest we have been able to book for is at 6.30pm, with eating at 7.00pm. They have capacity for around 50 persons, so we hope to see as many of you as possible on that evening.

In summary – it’s 6.30 for 7 pm at Cote Brasserie in Bridge Street, Chester, on Wednesday, 23 November. I look forward to seeing you there.

All best wishes

Jayne Taylor