More surreptitious practice

Earlier reports of surreptitious practice taking place somewhere in deepest Cheshire have been verified by newly obtained video evidence.

Despite strict social distancing, this form of practice seems to be highly contagious. Following initial reports from mid Cheshire, there are now reports that the practice has spread spontaneously to south Cheshire and over the border to the Principality. Mutations are also evident with a one-hoop variety in one location, a multi-hoop variety in another location and a one-handed variety in yet another location.

All the evidence is here:

In the current regime of tracking and tracing all outbreaks, we shall be pleased to receive reports of similar instances elsewhere in the vicinity.

Despite intensive research and debate, there is still no agreement among experts whether the various forms of practice now being observed will be beneficial. The pressing but still unanswerable question is when there can be a return, or even a partial return, to normality.

PS:  Latest intelligence has revealed another outbreak of surreptitious practice, this time only a stone’s throw from Westminster Park.