2018 National Competitions

Draws for national competitions were announced by the Croquet Association on 15 January 2018. This year the Club is participating in the Mary Rose and Longman association croquet competitions and, for the first time, following the Club’s short lawn victory at the Southport Festival, a new national short lawn inter-club competition.

Mary Rose Inter-Club Competition

A national full lawn advanced association croquet knock-out competition

Team organiser:   Jerry Guest     Telephone: 0759 4704366

First round Bye
Second round Thu, 12 July Bowdon (H) W  6 – 1
Quarter final Tue, 7 August Nottingham (H) W  4 – 1,
two games abandoned
Semi final Tue, 18 Sept Watford (A at Edgbaston Croquet Club) L  1 – 6

Longman Cup

A national full lawn association croquet handicap knock-out competition

Team organiser:   John Dawson            Telephone: 01244 675929

First round Wed, 30 May Bury (H) W  5 – 2
Second round Mon, 25 June Bowdon (A) L  5 – 2

Short Croquet Inter-Club Trophy

A national short lawn association croquet handicap knock-out competition

Team organiser:  Maureen Corrigan        Telephone: 01244 638678

First round Mon, 27 August Bowdon (H) L  5 – 11