2021 Volunteer Weekend

Friends of Westminster Park Volunteer Weekend, 11-12 September 2021

Westminster Park is greatly valued as a local amenity by everyone living in the area – the green heart of the local community with a wide range of recreation and sports facilities for people of all ages. Yet, apart from grass cutting and emptying of litter bins, upkeep of the park is increasingly dependent on the work of volunteers. This year a small group of volunteers from the Friends of Westminster Park led by a local resident, Niall MacFadyen, has been meeting every Wednesday morning and doing a sterling job in tidying up and replanting some of the neglected shrub borders and flower beds and planting bulbs in some of the grassed spaces and woodland areas.  A more ambitious volunteer weekend is planned for the weekend 11 – 12 September as described in the note below by Sue Britton who is secretary of the Friends of Westminster Park.

Chester Croquet Club is an active member of the Friends of Westminster Park and has many members living in the area. Anyone able to take part at any time over the weekend would be most welcome and their efforts would be much appreciated. The sessions are planned to start at 10 am each day and people will be gathering outside the central café block. At other times talk to any of the volunteers working around the park and they will be able to direct you to one of the organisers.

Thank you in advance to everyone who is able to attend.

David Guyton

From: Sue Britton brittonfamily@btinternet.com
Subject: FOWP Volunteer Weekend 11-12 September 10.00-16.00

Following discussions with Niall MacFadyen, we agreed a volunteer weekend.  He will be hiring a turf cutter but the many jobs are listed (and not exclusive).  If you could all promote to as many people as possible, we’ll have a successful weekend.  I’m hoping that we’ve made the copy deadline and there will be a notice in the WP September Newsletter.

We continue to develop the park for the benefit of humans and wildlife in agreement with the CW&C parks officers.  Plans for the Volunteer Weekend include

Digging a wildlife pond
Sowing wildflower areas (after removing turf)
Clearing brambles and creating habitat piles.
Continuing to work on the formal beds, planting, weeding, pruning.

And much more.

Fun for all the family and for people of all abilities – there will also be an explanation of the various projects and why they are good for wildlife

Tools to bring (if possible)

Personal equipment – as for gardening, so sturdy boots and gloves.


Sue Britton

Friends of Westminster Park