AC introduction for GC players

10 am start for AC/GC partnership day

I forgot to appreciate that some of you are coming quite a distance on Monday, 9 May, for our partnership day, so we will start at 10.00 am.

Have a big breakfast as we won’t be having lunch until 1 ish! Don’t forget to bring your lunch.

Sally Slater

All set for AC/GC partnership day!

We now have a field of 16 for our AC/GC partnership day!

Thanks for signing up – it should be a really fun day.

The partners are as follows, but can be changed should anyone have strong objections (but ask me quietly!) :

Sally and Jude
Robert and Ian
Elmyr and Kerry
Paul and Maureen
Brian and Sarah
Robin and Sandy
Helen and Chris
David and David

There are four rounds of an hour and a half throughout the day, so I suggest we start at 9.30 if that’s OK.

Bring your own lunch. Milk and biscuits will be provided.


Sally Slater

Opportunity for more GC players

Our GC and AC partnership day is looking good, but we need three more GC players to give us the required numbers.

It should be a great day, so please think about joining in. If you have wondered what AC looks like then it is the day for you.

It is a full day of play, when we play four rounds. Each AC player partners with a GC player. Round one all the GC players play the single ball shots and the AC players play the two ball shots, then each round progresses further.

There will be winners and prizes, but best of all we all get a fun days play!

The names so far are:

Robert Jones, Elmyr Hughes, Helen Brophy, Paul Watson, Brian Walton, David Guyton, Robin Tasker, me, playing AC.

Jude Wise, Sarah Clements, Sandy Grievson, David Johnson, Chris Thomas, playing GC (to start with!)

Please let me know if you can join in by e-mailing me at


Sally Slater

GC players have a go at AC!

We are proposing to hold a day’s event on Monday, 9 May, which will be a competition for doubles partners, one of whom is a GC player and one of whom is an AC player.

Between them they will play an association match, but hitting the balls according to their skills at the beginning. So round one will be the GC partner hitting all the single ball shots and the AC partner hitting all the two ball shots. The next round will be slightly different and so on, until the final round is each partner hitting alternate shots.

This has been a great way of introducing GC players to association croquet.

Ideally we need 8 AC players and 8 GC players who wish to have a go at AC.

We expect this event to be popular, so please reply as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Sally Slater and Robin Tasker