New orders for clothing

I have had a couple of requests for whites with the Chester logo. So I thought it was time to see if we can put together an order from DARTS.

New members may have noted that some members wear white clothing with a logo for Chester Croquet Club embroidered on the chest.  This includes polo shirts (long and short sleeves) fleeces (winter weight and summer weight) and body warmers. Some other items can also be adorned with the logo …. it depends on the material.  We use DARTS ( located on the A51 near Stamford Bridge, who have our logo set up on their machines. Whilst the need to wear whites only arises in matches and tournaments, or other special events when we request that you do if you can, many of our new members are already looking towards playing in matches and taking part in other events, so maybe time to look to your wardrobe ?   If we put in an order for at least 6 items to be embroidered we get a reduced price for the job, and clothes can either be purchased from DARTS or you can have your own item(s) embroidered provided the material is appropriate and the garment is in reasonable condition.  You can also buy coloured items of course, if you want to display your allegiance to CCC at other times !

There is an old catalogue in the pavilion that you could look at to get an idea of the clothes they sell and you can go on line at  to look at the up to date version. The prices given are subject to VAT, and of course the cost of embroidery, which in previous years has been £3.00 per item as part of the bulk order.  I will be checking on this years price shortly.

I am happy to collate orders, submit and collect from DARTS, collecting payment from members later.

Sizing is important as once the item is embroidered it cannot be changed.

Please send your order information to the me at the contacts below.


Jayne Taylor
Mobile: 07810892311

16 August 2021