Please notify the Equipment Officer if you notice
any equipment is missing or in need of repair
10 May 2019

Now that the season is in full swing please may I remind you about looking after our croquet equipment.

In particular when a lawn is being cleared away please can you ensure that all the hoops, balls and clips are present and correct in the wheelie bins! Also please check that the boxes with the bisques, corner pegs and GC pegs are all back in place, and any timer clocks returned to the cupboard.

When the weather is wet please keep the bin lids closed during play to keep everything dry, and with the towels available in the store room, ensure the wet balls etc are dried off.

Equipment does go astray from time to time but please can you let me know if you find you’re missing an item so that it can be replaced.

Many thanks

Robin Tasker
Equipment Officer

7 July 2017

Early yesterday morning Garry Greenwood was walking his dog by the croquet lawns and noticed that a hoop had been left out in one of the lawns.

And last week it was noticed that a black croquet ball was missing from one of the wheelie bins. It had evidently not been retrieved after being used in a game and it is still missing.

So halfway through the season, a timely reminder to everyone to please check carefully that all the balls and all the hoops are retrieved and safely stowed away in the wheelie bins after being used.

Our equipment officer also wants to remind everyone about the timers. They are often being left in the wheelie bins, usually with batteries still in them.

The timers (in their little plastic boxes) live in the big metal equipment store cupboard on the right as you enter the storeroom. Take them from there if you need them and when finished please remove the batteries and replace the timers (with batteries in the little box) inside the big cupboard. There is a container for them in there.

This will improve the life of the timers and batteries and will ensure they are available and work when needed.

It is important that all our expensive equipment is looked after, so that everyone who plays croquet including our national and international visitors receive as good an experience as possible.

Lecture over!