Play resuming after lockdown

The Government’s road map for relaxing current Covid-19 restrictions allows the re-opening of outdoor sports facilities from Monday, 29 March. Precautionary measures still apply which, in effect, revert to the situation last August after limited re-opening of the clubhouse:

    • Clubhouse may be used only for access to the toilets and equipment
    • Social distancing at all times inside and outside the clubhouse
    • Using hand sanitiser when entering the clubhouse or storeroom
    • Cleaning balls, mallets and other shared equipment and toilets after use  [However, club mallets will not be available on loan but may be borrowed on the day and then cleaned and returned after use]
    • Continuing to use the lawn booking system to maintain a record of attendance
    • The Rule of Six allowing groups of up to six people from different households enables doubles or two double-banked singles games to be played on a full or short lawn
    • Organised events such as taster days and coaching sessions involving more than six people permitted subject to additional planning and supervision
    • Avoiding social or informal gatherings
    • Travel restrictions still apply until further notice which means that play limited to locally arranged games, and league matches and competitions involving other clubs will not resume until later

It is planned to set out the lawns in the usual way in the last week of March ready for play to resume from Monday, 29 March.

Enjoy the new season and hope the situation continues to improve!

Lawns cut, corners marked out on Monday, 15 March, ready for white-lining and installing the hoops next week, and then restarting play on Monday, 29 March