Return of the signing-in book

It has become clear that the lawn booking system is not fulfilling its function as a register of attendees and our track and trace facility, and it is proving increasingly  difficult  to maintain the necessary records.  This is partly because not everybody is recording their attendance on the system, and it is not always clear who is playing, and also because of the introduction and popularity of roll-up sessions.  Therefore the committee have agreed that we should reintroduce the “book” which was our means of recording the names of all players visiting the lawns each day before Covid restrictions were introduced.

This register is a loose leaf folder which is located in the storeroom on the shelf just inside the door.  Please make sure you enter your details on the sheet every time you play.  It really is very important that you do this, but easy to forget.  Organizers of roll-up sessions should ensure that there is a record of all players who took part in the activity, but ultimately it is a personal responsibility.   Similarly team captains should record team members of home and visiting sides.  Please ensure that you use the hand sanitizer after you have used the book (and before if you feel more comfortable doing so), to reduce potential transmission risks.

The lawn booking system continues to operate, but we are currently looking at the calendar and considering opening up other roll-up sessions.  So please keep an eye on the web site, and look out for further emails advising of any changes, as we try to move towards a more “normal” playing week!

Other elements of the Covid protocol remain in place for the time being ( cleaning equipment, social distancing, etc) and no more than 6 persons should gather in the pavilion.  Please use masks if it becomes difficult to achieve social distancing (eg when in the storeroom).

We are gradually getting back to normal,  just not quite as we used to know it !


Jayne Taylor