2022 Mason Cup competition

Mason Cup competition cancelled

Just to let you know I have had to cancel this coming weekend Mason Cup tournament as I didn’t have a viable number of entrants. This was a mixture of people with existing arrangements, withdrawals through injury, and a set of people who didn’t wish to play.

I’m very disappointed but will try to do better next season.

Robin Tasker

Reminder about the Mason Cup competition

This is a reminder about the Mason Cup full lawn association croquet competition over the weekend of 24-25 September.

All games will be handicap but with no time limit, and will not be recorded for handicap purposes.

The tournament will be an Egyptian format:


This will allow people to choose the number of games they play over the weekend with, say, 3 or 4 games needed to qualify for the silverware. But of course 5 or 6 are allowed..!

It’s possible also to “double up” with a partner to accommodate people who can only play on one day or the other..

Please let me know if you want to play..!


Robin Tasker

Mason Cup competition 24-25 September 2022

The Club’s annual full-lawn association croquet handicap  tournament for the Mason Cup takes place over the weekend 24-25 September.

The precise format will depend on entries but a minimum of 5 games per person is guaranteed over the weekend. There will be no time limit to games, and the results will not be recorded on handicap cards.

If you would like to take part this tournament, please e-mail me using the link below and, of course, mark the date in your diary!


Robin Tasker