AC – GC Partnership Day

19 May 2023

Unfortunately, due to insufficient players, it has been decided  to cancel the AC – GC partnership day planned for Monday, 22 May.

But do not despair, Monday, 26 June, is the next date, so hopefully we will have more players available to take part, albeit in a shorter version and a slightly different format.

Due to the above event being cancelled, why not come along on Monday morning for the AC short lawn roll-up sessions, you will be very welcome to still try and have some fun with other short lawn members.

Best wishes

Elmyr Hughes

25 April 2023

Now the season is underway and the grass is growing and the sun is shining and you have all played a few games, I’m sure that GC players would welcome an opportunity to have a go at association croquet. See what it is all about in a gentle, fun way.

We are running three AC – GC partnership days this year and the second one of these is on Monday, 22 May.

A GC player partners with an AC player and plays 4 rounds of croquet, learning about the AC strategy and shots as they go.

It’s a good day’s play. Members who have joined in before are more than welcome to have another go.

It is a serious concern that our pool of AC players is dwindling and we really need to encourage others to take it up or the beautiful game will die out.

Please let me know if you would like to join in on 22 May.

Sally Slater

9 April 2023

We are holding our first GC/AC partnership day on Monday April 24th.

This is a great way to have a fun, non-threatening way of learning what AC is all about.

At the moment we only have 3 GC players signed up, and we can have 8.

Don’t worry, you won’t be press ganged into anything!

Please sign up if you can by e-mailing me  using the link below.

Last year’s players are more than welcome to have another go if they want to.

Sally Slater

30 March 2023

Last season we held a very successful GC/AC partnership day, and by popular demand we are proposing to hold three more days this season. Monday April 24th, Monday May 22nd, Monday 26th June.

An AC player partners a GC player all day during which four rounds of AC croquet are played, with each round increasing the range of shots made by each player, finishing with a round of alternate shot doubles.

This format has encouraged the GC players to increase their range of shots, which will help their GC play, and also understand better the AC game. It is also very good fun!

In the first instance we require 16 players – 8 GC players and 8 AC players. If you have participated before you are most welcome to come along again.

Please let me know if you are interested in the day on Monday April 24th by e-mailing me using the link below. There are prizes!

Many thanks

Sally Slater