Autumn lawn maintenance

A sunny but dewy October morning … autumn lawn maintenance in progress … not a soul in sight … must be socially distancing … or, perhaps, a tea break …

Update on Friday, 16 October: Autumn lawn maintenance – fertilizing, tining, scarifying, over-seeding and top dressing – has been completed but please refrain from playing until the top dressing is fully absorbed.

Update on Saturday, 17 October: Ideally, we need some rain (What, more rain ?) to wash in the top dressing before renewing play. On the other hand, the top dressing is mostly sand which is inert and won’t turn muddy. Preferably defer play until next week commencing Monday, 19 October, when the top dressing should be more fully worked in. For the time being, Lawn 1 appears to be the most ready for play but Lawn 4 should be avoided.

Update on Monday, 19 October: Still waiting for rain to wash in the top dressing. But if you don’t mind sandy top dressing sticking to balls and shoes Lawns 1, 2 and 3 are playable. Continue to avoid Lawn 4 until more of the top dressing is absorbed.

Update on Wednesday, 21 October: Top dressing still not fully absorbed but all lawns playable including Lawn 4 if you can find the holes.

Update on Wednesday, 28 October: Top dressing now well absorbed and all lawns available for play. Play may continue for the rest of the year providing the lawns are not muddy or waterlogged or covered in frost.