CA Survey

May I urge you take part in a CA Survey of all croquet players in the UK? The benefits of the survey to the CA are listed at the start of the survey but the most important aspect is straightforward information on how and why croquet players play croquet. Do it over a cup of coffee ; it only takes a few minutes.

Best wishes

John Dawson


In 2002, 2007 and 2012 the CA undertook surveys of croquet players. These have proved to be very useful. In particular, they have helped the CA to:
1. Take into account more easily and fully the needs and desires of members.

2. Promote croquet more effectively and increase recruitment.

3. Obtain financial backing more easily; for instance, lottery grants.

Five years on we are now organising another and we need your help. We invite all croquet players – CA members and all others to complete the survey. Of course, now current non-members are soon-to-be-members, so we especially want to hear from them.

We can only reach these people through their clubs and I would be most grateful if you would pass on this e-mail to them.

Our ideal is for them to complete the online version of the survey, which will be available from Thursday, 19 October, by clicking on this link.

Alternatively, the attached CA Survey 2017 is a paper version (which will very soon also be in the next Gazette), so printing it, completing it and sending it to the address shown will be equally good.

It is completely anonymous and all responses will be used only to compile statistics, trends and lists of comments, then destroyed. The report will be available for all to see early next year.

We want to hear from as many soon-to-be-members as possible, so please help us.

With best wishes

Elizabeth Larsson
CA Manager
Telephone: 01242 242318    Website: