Chester win against St Albans in Secretary’s Shield quarter final

The quarter final match between Chester and St Albans in the Secretary’s Shield tournament was played at Nottingham CC on Sunday 23rd July

The team line-ups were:
St. Albans: Jon Palin (hcp 2), Chris Frost (hcp 4.5), Roger Bowman (hcp 14), Geoff Morrison (hcp 18)
Chester: John Dawson (hcp 4), David Boyd (hcp 7), Robin Tasker (hcp 8), Brian Walton (hcp 18)

The first result of the morning session was from the doubles game, when John Dawson and David Boyd pegged out for Chester. The two singles games also finished before time, with Robin Tasker and Brian Walton gaining wins for Chester and giving them a 3 / 0 lead by lunchtime.

In the afternoon three of the four singles games also finished with peg-outs, the first of these being a win for St Albans, in the Jon Palin vs John Dawson encounter giving St Albans the encouragement of a possible come-back. However, the next result in cut this short, when Brian Walton pegged out against Geoff Morrison to give Chester that vital forth point.

The only game to go to time, during the whole day, was that between Chris Frost and David Boyd, which was a nip and tuck struggle and could have gone either way finishing just short of a peg-out at 23 / 21 for Chester.

Score Sheet summary:
John Dawson and David Boyd beat Jon Palin and Chris Frost 26 / 8 Chester
Robin Tasker beat Geoff. Morrison 26 / 18 Chester
Brian Walton beat Roger Bowman 26 / 7 Chester
Jon Palin beat John Dawson 26 / 7 St. Albans
David Boyd beat Chris Frost 23 / 21 Chester
Roger Bowman beat Robin Tasker 26 / 13 St. Albans
Brian Walton beat Geoff. Morrison 26 / 12 Chester

FINAL SCORE: Win for Chester 5 – 2