Clubhouse re-opens

The good news is that the Council has now allowed the clubhouse to re-open. This enables access to the toilets, handwashing facilities, water for cleaning and limited use of the kitchen. But Covid-19 has not disappeared and continuing caution and prudence remain essential. So please refrain from visiting the club if you have any coronavirus symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has and please observe the following:

    • Social distancing at all times inside and outside the clubhouse
    • Using hand sanitiser when entering the clubhouse or storeroom – wall-mounted dispensers have been installed in the kitchen area and storeroom
    • Wearing face coverings in the clubhouse if social distancing of 2 metres is not feasible
    • Using the kitchen only for the preparation of drinks but not food or other catering
    • Ensuring the toilets, kitchen, crockery, croquet equipment and any other shared items are cleaned after use
    • Avoiding all social or informal gatherings in the clubhouse
    • Continuing to use the lawn booking system so there is a record of everyone attending

In accordance with latest government and Croquet Association guidance, we can also relax some of the earlier constraints on play though social distancing remains as important as ever.

    • Doubles and double banked games are now allowed enabling four rather than two players on a lawn
    • Groups of up to six people from different households are now permitted

Enjoy the rest of the season !