December newsletter

Dear All,

I am sorry that I have not been able to be at the club recently, and therefore have not been able to pass my festive wishes etc to you personally.  I hope you all have a very Happy, Peaceful and above all Safe Christmas and New Year break and I look forward to seeing you all in 2022.  Let us hope the season, and the year as a whole is a good one for you all.

Meanwhile   –   About 2022 ….

You will recall that I recently sent out a rather lengthy email about the Planning Meeting which we hope to hold on January 14th, in the evening at the Westminster Park Community Centre.    We still hope to do this, but we have to recognise that given the resurgence of Covid with the Omicron variant,  we may have to reconsider. Your committee will be meeting (electronically) on Jan 3rd to decide on this, and I will email you all with our decision immediately afterwards.

However, your comments on the topics referred to in my earlier email, or any other issues you wish to raise will still be welcomed by email. As of yet, I have not received any comments, but I live in hope.  Those topics and some background on them can still be found on the web site, Members Only section, but as a reminder they covered:

    • The organisation of the club
    • Weekly playing arrangements
    • Matches, tournaments and events
    • Recruitment
    • Club facilities
    • Club funding
    • Social activities
    • Raised topics/issues

We have decided that the lawns should be closed from Monday January 3rd for their winter rest, and to allow any ongoing maintenance by the Council to proceed.  Until then of course you are welcome to play, weather and lawn condition permitting. Please book on line and record attendance in the register as usual.  Also be aware that maintenance might occur before January 3rd, depending on the Council’s programme, which sadly we have not been informed of.  So please be prepared to give way to the grounds maintenance staff if they are operating on the lawns, and be circumspect about playing if treatment has been undertaken.  And of course do not play if the ground is too wet, or frosted.

Hopefully we will be able to hold our usual gathering at the club on New Year’s Day, weather permitting.  Further information to follow.  I look forward to seeing some of you then.

Merry Xmas !

Jayne Taylor