Latest league match results

The final away match in the NW Federation mid-week handicap association league was played at Pendle in brilliant warm sunshine on Saturday, 28 August. Because of player availability it had been agreed that this would be a 3-aside match. By lunch the score was 1 – 1 with Chester taking the doubles, while the singles game was heavily lost with bisques still in the ground. This pattern continued through the afternoon to give Pendle a straightforward victory of 4 – 1.

The final mid-week handicap league match of the season saw Chester entertain Bowdon on Chester’s extremely testing lawns under cloudy and cool conditions on Wednesday, 1 September. An entertaining morning doubles game was won while both the singles games went to Bowdon. The afternoon games were hard fought. Chester could only manage a solitary win although two of the other singles were lost by the finest of margins. The final score was Bowdon 5, Chester 2.

Congratulations are in order as the Bowdon team have been unbeaten through the season.

On Sunday, 5 September, Chester played away at Bowdon in the short lawn association league with a much better result, beating Bowdon 13 – 3. The team of Jayne Taylor (captain), David Boyd, Derek Bell-Jones and Robin Tasker played well in glorious sunshine in the final game of the short lawn league.