Lawns remain open

In previous years the lawns have been closed at the end of December to allow recuperation before the start of the new season. As this year opportunities for play have been limited and the lawns have been relatively lightly used, the Committee has taken the view that play may continue beyond the end of December provided that weather and lawn conditions remain satisfactory. Bookings may therefore continue beyond the end of the month. However, it remains important to avoid damage to the lawns and play should not take place even if bookings have been made in the event that:

      • The lawns become muddy or visibly trampled
      • The lawns are waterlogged or covered by frost or snow

There are several other caveats:

      • The lawns may be closed at short notice if inspections indicate risk of damage
      • Hoops and other equipment may not be available for a particular lawn if they have been withdrawn for repainting and repair
      • It is not expected that the lawns will be cut or white-lined though the corner markings will be renewed from time to time
      • Full closure of the lawns may be implemented in the event of prolonged poor weather or to allow a shorter period of recuperation before the new season

In these cases, the aim is to notify the changes in the lawn booking system so it is always advisable to check shortly before play.

Another aspect is that the area around the wide gate near the car park from the football pitches onto the croquet lawns has, as usual, become very wet and boggy.  It is recommended that players take the longer tarmac path around the croquet lawns to the bowling greens and clubhouse.

Lastly, the wet weather has made the patio area in front of the clubhouse very slippery so do take care.

Thursday, 10 December 2020: The lawns have been cut but avoid playing on Lawn 4 which is now very wet and quite muddy.