Level play golf croquet teams in action

Both Chester’s level play golf croquet teams were in action this week.

The Chester Chariots team of Pat Clare (captain), Chris Thomas and Jayne Taylor played away at Culcheth on Wednesday, 15 September.  Culcheth has only one lawn but it was in good condition and the team were made very welcome on a warm sunny day. It was a very close match with both teams even until the very last game which Chester won, making the score 10-8 in the team’s last game of the season.

The level play match between Chester Centurions and Llanfairfechan was held on the following Friday, 17 September, at home on another warm sunny day. Llanfairfechan fielded a very strong team comprising handicaps of -2, 0 and a 3 against Chester’s Mark Lloyd 0, Garry Greenwood 1 and John Hampson 5. This strong team beat Chester 15 – 3 despite there being a couple of close games which could have gone either way.

Out of six matches played this season Chester Centurions have won five and this one loss has not affected Chester’s position in the league, and the team has emerged as this year’s winner of the North West Federation level play golf croquet league.