Longman Cup win for Chester

A win for Chester against Bury
in the first round of the Longman Cup 2017

In the first round of this year’s Longman Cup competition Chester played away against Bury at Whitehead Park on Saturday, 17 June.

In glorious weather (some would say typical of Bury) the morning singles were halved, one game each to Bury and Chester, but the Chester duo of Paul Watson and David Boyd won the doubles. Half way through the afternoon the matches were evenly poised as the Bury players made good use of their bisques but the tide gradually turned such that Chester won all the afternoon singles to clinch the match 6-1, a margin which was somewhat harsh given the excellent play by the Bury team against a Chester team with significantly lower handicaps.

Final score:  Chester 6 v Bury 1

Chester are due to play at home against Bowdon in the next round