Match reports 29 May 2017

On Thursday 18th May the Chester Chariots team of Pat Clare (captain), David Boyd and Chris Thomas had an enjoyable day’s croquet in their level play away match against Bowdon Sinners. The lawns were good and the hoops were tight. Bowdon had a strong team and beat Chester 11 – 7.

On Saturday 27th May the Golf Croquet Handicap team were in action against Fylde at home. After an exciting match Chester emerged the victors 10-8.  Pauline Walters captained the Chester team of Liz Subramanian, Mavis Sellers and Janet Jackson.

On Sunday 28th May Chester played away against Bowdon in the NW Federation Advanced B League.  The day started rather grey and damp and the lawns were unusually slow but the Chester team of Jerry Guest (captain) playing singles and Elmyr Hughes and David Guyton playing doubles started well by winning both games in the morning.  The weather brightened during the day and Chester’s good fortune continued in the afternoon winning two of the three singles games.  The final result was a rewarding 4 – 1 win for Chester.