Match reports 4, 7 July 2019

The team of Jayne Taylor (captain), Paul Taylor and Pat Clare faced the more experienced team of Bury Monarchs at Whitehead Park on Thursday 4th July. The day was lovely, the lawns were excellent and the match very enjoyable. Unfortunately Chester lost 15 games to 3, reflecting the greater experience of the home side. However, the team fought hard, and many of the games were very close with several decided on the golden hoop.
On Sunday, 7th July, Chester hosted Bury South in the NW Golf Croquet League. After losing both doubles games, the Chester team of Robert Jones, Doreen Leece, Liz Subrumanian and captain Pat Wheeler fought back, but ended up losing 8 – 10; two of those games were 6-all draws, so time proved to be the winner there. All in all it was a very enjoyable day against friendly opponents.