Match Results 26 – 30 August 2018

The beautiful Levens Hall in the South Lakes was the venue for Chester’s NW Golf Croquet league match against Westmorland on Sunday 26th August, unfortunately the weather was both very wet and very cold, with only a gazebo for shelter!! The team of Mel Hagan, Pat Wheeler, Liz Subramanian and Jayne Taylor (captain) were beaten 12-6 by Westmorland. Pat was playing her first match for the club and did well to win both a doubles and a singles game.

After winning the short lawn competition at the Southport festival, Chester was entered into the new national competition and met Bowdon in the first round. Bowdon had control of the match from the start, winning the first set of 4 games 3-1. This continued in the second and third rounds with two more 3-1 wins. In the final round of four, Chester found some better form to share the round 2-2. The final result was 11-5. However, all the matches were played in great spirit, and each of the Chester team recorded a win.

On Thursday 30th August the Chester Chariots level play team of Paul Taylor (captain), Sally Slater and Chris Thomas played away at Bowdon in the NW level play league. It was a glorious day and the Chester team won convincingly 13-5.