Match results to end of season

Chester Croquet Club competed in three matches this week unfortunately without much success.

In the North West Federation midweek handicap league played on Monday, Bowdon Griffins played Chester at Bowdon. The Chester team was David Boyd (captain), John Dawson, David Guyton and Michael Miller but they lost 5-2.

In the beautiful Lakeland setting of Crake Valley Croquet Club the Chester team had a narrow defeat by 3 games to 4. The Chester team was Sarah Andrew as Captain, with Helen Brophy, Robin Tasker and Paul Watson.

In the short croquet league against Bowdon held at Chester, the Chester team of Sarah Andrew (captain), Jayne Taylor, Sally Slater and Barbara Jones held the league leaders Bowdon to an 8-8 draw in a very close match played in great spirit.

Congratulations and thanks go to all the players who contributed to Chester’s win of the North West Federation weekend handicap league.

There was a cliffhanging match against Pendle which Chester won 4-3 to clinch the title.

The winning of the trophy means that next season Chester can enter and compete in the national competition The Secretary’s Shield.

Well done everyone!