Short lawn competition

It was with some trepidation that the club’s short lawn open tournament was planned so late in the season, but in the event the competition was played on Monday, 1 November.

It was a day of two parts weatherwise with constant rain in the morning, but clearing to dry and occasionally sunny weather in the afternoon. The lawns were fine despite heavy rain during Sunday and stayed fine to play on.

Ten members joined in the competition, with 3 having to pull out on the day, so 7 members each played four matches during the day. It was a really fun day, played in exceptional good humour. The eventual winner was Sally Slater who won all four of her games. Three others fought it out to be runner up by winning three of their four games and David Boyd managed to cross the line by a margin of just one hoop.

Thanks to a spell of reasonable autumn weather, croquet is still being played at the club until the lawns become too wet or frosty and therefore open to damage.

Sally Slater celebrating her win in the club’s end of season short lawn competition