Three more wins for Chester

Chester  Croquet Club has had another busy week.  On Tuesday, 7 August,  Chester played Nottingham at home in the quarter finals  of the Croquet Association Mary Rose competition for advanced croquet.  Chester was represented by Jerry Guest (captain), David Boyd, John Dawson and  Mark Lloyd. The teams decided to play without time limits and Chester won the two singles games in the morning but the doubles game was unfinished.  Four singles games were resumed in the afternoon with Chester winning two of them after a marathon session lasting until nearly 8 pm. As this result gave Chester an unbeatable lead the fourth singles game and the unfinished doubles game in the morning were abandoned before completion. The final result was good 4 – 1 win for Chester with two games unfinished. Chester now goes forward to play Watford in the semi finals before 24 September.

Chester has also clocked up more two wins in NW Federation leagues.

Playing at home on Wednesday, 1st August, Chester beat Southport in the Advanced B League by a convincing score of 5 – 0 despite tricky lawn conditions.

Chester played a further home match against Bowdon Earls on Wednesday, 8th August, in the Mid-Week Handicap League. Because of the continuing drought, lawn conditions remained difficult but the Chester team of Helen Brophy (captain), Derek Bell-Jones, Alan Clare and Michael Miller put in a strong performance winning the two singles games and the doubles game in the morning and three of the four singles games in the afternoon to achieve another satisfying 6 – 1 win.

In between these three matches, Chester hosted a national level play golf croquet tournament over the weekend of 4-5th August in which Chester’s Garry Greenwood was winner and Trevor Farrell  was runner-up in the competition for the Maggie Cowman trophy.